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The Recognoil® 3W is a handheld wireless analyzer: an oil substance fluorescence detector for mobile use with the option to connect to cloud storage. Compared to the previous two generations, the external design has been significantly redesigned by integrating the display, increasing the area under evaluation, allowing the connection of external probes, covering sensitive optical components, improving ergonomics and creating more than one grip for using the instrument.

Recognoil® technology uses the revolutionary principle of surface sensing of the fluorescence of oily substances, and thus represents a modern way of precise and repeatable inspection of surface cleanliness. It enables the visualization of pollution and thus the easy determination of its nature, at the same time as the possibility of detecting the slightest spot pollution. In industry, Recognoil® products have been used for more than 10 years, most commonly for checking the cleanliness of parts prior to coating or for evaluating the thickness and homogeneity of oil films in lubrication and preservation processes.

The new product thus combines the benefits of the most effective method of surface cleanliness control from TechTest s.r.o. with the requirements of Industry 4.0 and the comprehensive approach of Martin Tvarůžek Design.

Recognoil 3W visualization

Absolutely Essential Functional, Technical and Ergonomic Innovations

The superficial sensing of the surface condition of objects is now even easier. Two years of development and insights from industrial practice, including the exploring of different working positions, postures and grips for the widest possible portfolio of applications required. Speed and efficiency for those who put customers, quality and sustainable production first!

Detail of the Recognoil 3W detector head
Covering the optical part
For easy maintenance and protection of the detector’s sensitive parts
Recognoil 3W secondary trigger
Secondary trigger
To enable detection in extreme working positions
Integrated display
Integrated display
To display the distribution of dirt and the results of the surface analysis
Detection of grease in pipe using an external probe
Extended connectivity
To connect external probes and other devices
Design of Recognoil 3W
Emphasis on design
To make surface cleanliness assessment convenient and efficient
Oil and grease detector Recognoil on sheet metal and other parts
New types of analysis
To evaluate the quality of surface pretreatment at different stages of production

Cloud Solutions

The launch of the Recognoil® 3W, TechTest, s.r.o. responds to the demands of modern manufacturing and provides a software interface for convenient data management, trend monitoring, instrument setup, evaluation kits and report creation, in the form of a cloud-based solution.

The device has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing connection to a service terminal or corporate network.

This allows you to monitor surface cleanliness processes from anywhere and completely without the need to install software on a specific operating system and device.

Cloud SW Recognoil na notebooku a mobilu

Join the companies around the world to which Recognoil® products contribute to the long-term sustainability of production and the reduction of its environmental burden.

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Satisfied users of Recognoil® devices, for which surface cleanliness control is essential, include companies from a very wide range of industries, where they deal with, for example:

  • painting
  • galvanic plating
  • coating
  • vacuum technology
  • cleaning processes
  • degreasing
  • forming
  • deep drawing
  • pressing
  • welding
  • soldering
  • bonding

  • Surpass the competition by reducing production waste, saving costs through process optimization, reducing the energy and environmental impact of production, and increasing labor productivity and the quality of your products.

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    We are actively involved in cooperation with universities in the field of research and development.
    Among other things, we provide specialized consulting in the field of surface treatment or professional supervision led by our staff certified according to the Std-401 APC - Corrosion Engineer standard. We are also dedicated to the production of customer-specific dirt control and automation equipment.
    Věnujeme se také výrobě zařízení pro kontrolu nečistot dle specifických požadavků zákazníka a automatizaci.

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